Are you ready to Migrate your Magento 1 Store to the Latest Magento 2.4.3 Version?

Don’t worry, we are here to offer you the hassle-free Magento Migration Store of your old store to the fastest and secure Magento 2 Store. We can help you migrate all your important data such as orders, customer information, etc. from your existing Magento 1.x to the latest Magento 2.x using our simplified Magento 2 Migration Process.

One of the most priority reasons for migrating your Magento 1 store to Magento 2 is because Magento 1 has closed down its support from June 30, 2020. Those who have still not migrated their Magento 1 store to Magento 2 will no longer get the security updates. This can risk the security of your store and eventually impacts the performance of your store. Because Updating your older Magento to a newer version always brings bug fixes, enhanced features & functionality, better UI, and faster performance. Running outdated with your Magento Version then migrate at the earliest opportunity performed by Expert Certified Magento 2 Developer.

Frequently Asked Questions for Magento 2 Migration Services

Migrate your Magento 1.x store to Magento 2 now and enhance your E-commerce business.

Data Migration to Magento 2

The very first part of the migration of your data is to carefully bring old Magento store products, categories, customers, store configurations, sales data, orders data, reviews and ratings to clone Stage replica without infecting live Magento Store Environment.

Bringing SEO Value Together

Keeping the same file structures, URLs, redirections, managing canonicals, internal site linking structure are essential to get the same impact and leverage the current SEO value of store in Google SERPs. It needs almost zero SEO efforts to bring the store to current SEO status.

We will be able to migrate the following data under this service:

Websites and StoresAttributesCategoriesProductsCustomers > Customer groups and EntitiesSales Data > Orders, Quote, Payments, Invoices, Payments, Shipments, Credit Memo, Sales Rules & CouponsReviews and RatingsOther Data > Tax rules, zones and Rates, Catalog Rules

So what are you waiting for, rely on us without a second thought to get Best Magento 2 Migration Service for your Older Magento store.

Why choose MageComp for Magento 2 Migration Service?

At MageComp, we have proven track record of successful 150+ Magento store upgrades with zero loss of data in the possible minimum time span. Our experienced Magento masters use agile methods to achieve the bug-free results, 100% accuracy, and secured data migration. So, What are you waiting for? Upgrade your Magento store today & enjoy increased functionality, speed and security.


* Magento 2 Migration Service procedure generally takes 5-7 business days (depending on the size of the database and complexity of the project).

*We will not be able to migrate your current Magento theme to Magento 2.0 during the Magento 2 Migration Process because it’s not possible. Though we can help you build the same theme for Magento 2.0 at an additional cost.

*You need to purchase both theme and extensions for migration. Any customization is not a part of this quote, you will be charged extra for any extension customization or theme changes.

If you have any questions related to migration to Magento 2, feel free to Contact Us any time for Free Consultancy.